Wednesday July 1, 2015

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TODEE, FIFTH MEHL: O True Guru, I have come to Your Sanctuary. Grant me the peace and glory of the Lord’s Name, and remove my anxiety. || 1 ||

Pause || I cannot see any other place of shelter; I have grown weary, and collapsed at Your door. Please ignore my account; only then may I be saved. I am worthless – please, save me! || 1 ||

You are always forgiving, and always merciful; You give support to all. Slave Nanak follows the Path of the Saints; save him, O Lord, this time. || 2 || 4 || 9 ||

TODEE, FIFTH MEHL: My tongue sings the Praises of the Lord of the world, the ocean of virtue.

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Monday June 29, 2015

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Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, all doubts are dispelled. Chanting the Name of the Lord is the highest religion. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, erases social classes and ancestral pedigrees. The Lord is the walking stick of the blind. || 1 ||

I bow to the Lord, I humbly bow to the Lord. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, you will not be tormented by the Messenger of Death. || 1 || Pause || The Lord took the life of Harnaakhash, and gave Ajaamal a place in heaven. Teaching a parrot to speak the Lord’s Name, Ganika the prostitute was saved. That Lord is the light of my eyes. || 2 ||

Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Pootna was saved, even though she was a deceitful child-killer. Contemplating the Lord, Dropadi was saved. Gautam’s wife, turned to stone, was saved. || 3 ||

The Lord, who killed Kaysee and Kans, gave the gift of life to Kali. Prays Naam Dayv, such is my Lord; meditating on Him, fear and suffering are dispelled. || 4 || 1 || 5 ||

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Wednesday June 24, 2015

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DHANAASAREE, FIFTH MEHL: Granting His Grace, God has blessed me with His Name, and released me of my bonds. I have forgotten all worldly entanglements, and I am attached to the Guru’s feet. || 1 ||

In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I have renounced my other cares and anxieties. I dug a deep pit, and buried my egotistical pride, emotional attachment and the desires of my mind. || 1 ||

Pause || No one is my enemy, and I am no one’s enemy. God, who expanded His expanse, is within all; I learned this from the True Guru. || 2 ||

I am a friend to all; I am everyone’s friend. When the sense of separation was removed from my mind, then I was united with the Lord, my King. || 3 ||

My stubbornness is gone, Ambrosial Nectar rains down, and the Word of the Guru’s Shabad seems so sweet to me. He is pervading everywhere, in the water, on the land and in the sky; Nanak beholds the all-pervading Lord. || 4 || 3 ||

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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Page 755RAAG SOOHEE, THIRD MEHL, TENTH HOUSE:ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU:Do not praise the world; it shall simply pass away. Do not praise other people; they shall die and turn to dust. || 1 ||

Waaho! Waaho! Hail, hail to my Lord and Master. As Gurmukh, forever praise the One who is forever True, Independent and Carefree. || 1 ||

Pause || Making worldly friendships, the self-willed manmukhs burn and die. In the City of Death, they are bound and gagged and beaten; this opportunity shall never come again. || 2 ||

The lives of the Gurmukhs are fruitful and blessed; they are committed to the True Word of the Shabad. Their souls are illuminated by the Lord, and they dwell in peace and pleasure. || 3 ||

Those who forget the Word of the Guru’s Shabad are engrossed in the love of duality. Their hunger and thirst never leave them, and night and day, they wander around burning. || 4 ||

Those who make friendships with the wicked, and harbor animosity to the Saints, shall drown with their families, and their entire lineage shall be obliterated. || 5 ||

It is not good to slander anyone, but the foolish, self-willed manmukhs still do it. The faces of the slanderers turn black, and they fall into the most horrible hell. || 6 ||

O mind, as you serve, so do you become, and so are the deeds that you do. Whatever you yourself plant, that is what you shall have to eat; nothing else can be said about this. || 7 ||

Monday June 22, 2015

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SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: Only a fool listens to the words of the fool. What are the signs of the fool? What does the fool do? A fool is stupid; he dies of egotism. His actions always bring him pain; he lives in pain. If someone’s beloved friend falls into the pit, what can be used to pull him out? One who becomes Gurmukh contemplates the Lord, and remains detached. Chanting the Lord’s Name, he saves himself, and he carries across those who are drowning as well. O Nanak, he acts in accordance with the Will of God; he endures whatever he is given.

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SORAT’H, FIFTH MEHL: Safe and sound, I have returned home. The slanderer’s face is blackened with ashes. The Perfect Guru has dressed in robes of honor. All my pains and sufferings are over. || 1 ||

O Saints, this is the glorious greatness of the True Lord. He has created such wonder and glory! || 1 ||

Pause || I speak according to the Will of my Lord and Master. God’s slave chants the Word of His Bani. O Nanak, God is the Giver of peace. He has created the perfect creation. || 2 || 20 || 84 ||

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Tuesday June 16th, 2015

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The Jewel of the Lord’s Name abides within my heart; the Guru has placed His hand on my forehead. The sins and pains of countless incarnations have been cast out. The Guru has blessed me with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and my debt has been paid off. || 1 ||

O my mind, vibrate the Lord’s Name, and all your affairs shall be resolved. The Perfect Guru has implanted the Lord’s Name within me; without the Name, life is useless. || Pause ||

Without the Guru, the self-willed manmukhs are foolish and ignorant; they are forever entangled in emotional attachment to Maya. They never serve the feet of the Holy; their lives are totally useless. || 2 ||

Those who serve at the feet of the Holy, the feet of the Holy, their lives are made fruitful, and they belong to the Lord. Make me the slave of the slave of the slaves of the Lord; bless me with Your Mercy, O Lord of the Universe. || 3 ||

I am blind, ignorant and totally without wisdom; how can I walk on the Path? I am blind – O Guru, please let me grasp the hem of Your robe, so that servant Nanak may walk in harmony with You. || 4 || 1 ||

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