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When I have You, then I have everything. O my Lord and Master, You are my wealth and capital. Within You, I abide in peace; within You, I am congratulated. By the Pleasure of Your Will, You bestow thrones and greatness. And by the Pleasure of Your Will, You make us beggars and wanderers. By the Pleasure of Your Will, the ocean flows in the desert, and the lotus blossoms in the sky. By the Pleasure of Your Will, one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean; by the Pleasure of Your Will, he sinks down into it. By the Pleasure of His Will, that Lord becomes my Husband, and I am imbued with the Praises of the Lord, the treasure of virtue. By the Pleasure of Your Will, O my Husband Lord, I am afraid of You, and I come and go, and die. You, O my Husband Lord, are inaccessible and immeasurable; talking and speaking of You, I have fallen at Your Feet. What should I beg for? What should I say and hear? I am hungry and thirsty for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. Through the Word of the Guru’s Teachings, I have found my Husband Lord. This is Nanak’s true prayer. || 2 ||

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Tuesday, March 24th 2015

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I serve at the feet of my companions and friends; the Lord has showered me with His Mercy, through Guru’s Grace. || 2 ||

Reflecting upon my self, and conquering my mind, I have seen that there is no other friend like You. As You keep me, so do I live. You are the Giver of peace and pleasure. Whatever You do, comes to pass. || 3 ||

Hope and desire have both been dispelled; I have renounced my longing for the three qualities. The Gurmukh obtains the state of ecstasy, taking to the Shelter of the Saints’ Congregation. || 4 ||

All wisdom and meditation, all chanting and penance, come to one whose heart is filled with the Invisible, Inscrutable Lord. O Nanak, one whose mind is imbued with the Lord’s Name, finds the Guru’s Teachings, and intuitively serves. || 5 || 22 ||

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Monday, March 23rd 2015

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O my Lord and Master, I know nothing. My mind has sold out, and is in Maya’s hands. || 1 ||

Pause ||

You are called the Lord and Master, the Guru of the World. I am called a lustful being of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. || 1 ||

The five vices have corrupted my mind. Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. || 2 ||

Wherever I look, I see loads of pain and suffering. I do not have faith, even though the Vedas bear witness to the Lord. || 3 ||

Shiva cut off Brahma’s head, and Gautam’s wife and the Lord Indra mated; Brahma’s head got stuck to Shiva’s hand, and Indra came to bear the marks of a thousand female organs. || 4 ||

These demons have fooled, bound and destroyed me. I am very shameless – even now, I am not tired of them. || 5 ||

Says Ravi Daas, what am I to do now? Without the Sanctuary of the Lord’s Protection, who else’s should I seek? || 6 || 1 ||

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Saturday, March 21st, 2015

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|| 2 || Dying in the Word of the Shabad, you shall live forever, and you shall never die again. The Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam is ever-sweet to the mind; but how few are those who obtain the Shabad. || 3 ||

The Great Giver keeps His Gifts in His Hand; He gives them to those with whom He is pleased. O Nanak, imbued with the Naam, they find peace, and in the Court of the Lord, they are exalted. || 4 || 11 ||

SORAT’H, THIRD MEHL: Serving the True Guru, the divine melody wells up within, and one is blessed with wisdom and salvation. The True Name of the Lord comes to abide in the mind, and through the Name, one merges in the Name. || 1 ||

Without the True Guru, the whole world is insane. The blind, self-willed manmukhs do not realize the Word of the Shabad; they are deluded by false doubts. || Pause ||

The three-faced Maya had led them astray in doubt, and they are snared by the noose of egotism. Birth and death hang over their heads, and being reborn from the womb, they suffer in pain. || 2 ||

The three qualities permeate the whole world; acting in ego, it loses its honor. But one who becomes Gurmukh comes to realize the fourth state of celestial bliss; he finds peace through the Name of the Lord. || 3 || The three qualities are all Yours, O Lord; You Yourself created them. Whatever You do, comes to pass. O Nanak, through the Lord’s Name, one is emancipated; through the Shabad, he is rid of egotism. || 4 || 12 ||

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Friday March 20th, 2015

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GAUREE, FIFTH MEHL: I came to the Guru, to learn the Way of Yoga. The True Guru has revealed it to me through the Word of the Shabad. || 1 ||

Pause ||

He is contained in the nine continents of the world, and within this body; each and every moment, I humbly bow to Him. I have made the Guru’s Teachings my ear-rings, and I have enshrined the One Formless Lord within my being. || 1 ||

I have brought the five disciples together, and they are now under the control of the one mind. When the ten hermits become obedient to the Lord, then I became an immaculate Yogi. || 2 ||

I have burnt my doubt, and smeared my body with the ashes. My path is to see the One and Only Lord. I have made that intuitive peace my food; the Lord Master has written this pre-ordained destiny upon my forehead. || 3 ||

In that place where there is no fear, I have assumed my Yogic posture. The unstruck melody of His Bani is my horn. I have made contemplation upon the essential reality my Yogic staff. The Love of the Name in my mind is my Yogic lifestyle. || 4 ||

By great good fortune, such a Yogi is met, who cuts away the bonds of Maya. Nanak serves and adores this wondrous person, and kisses his feet.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2015

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|| 44 || The fifty-two letters have been joined together. But people cannot recognize the One Word of God. Kabeer speaks the Shabad, the Word of Truth. One who is a Pandit, a religious scholar, must remain fearless. It is the business of the scholarly person to join letters. The spiritual person contemplates the essence of reality. According to the wisdom within the mind, says Kabeer, so does one come to understand. || 45 ||


SHALOK: There are fifteen lunar days, and seven days of the week. Says Kabeer, it is neither here nor there. When the Siddhas and seekers come to know the Lord’s mystery, they themselves become the Creator; they themselves become the Divine Lord. || 1 ||

T’HITEE: On the day of the new moon, give up your hopes. Remember the Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. You shall attain the Gate of Liberation while yet alive. You shall come to know the Shabad, the Word of the Fearless Lord, and the essence of your own inner being. || 1 ||

One who enshrines love for the Lotus Feet of the Lord of the Universe – by the Grace of the Saints, her mind becomes pure; night and day, she remains awake and aware, singing the Kirtan of the Lord’s Praises. || 1 || Pause ||

On the first day of the lunar cycle, contemplate the Beloved Lord. He is playing within the heart; He has no body – He is Infinite. The pain of death never consumes that person who remains absorbed in the Primal Lord God. || 2 ||

On the second day of the lunar cycle, know that there are two beings within the fiber of the body. Maya and God are blended with everything. God does not increase or decrease. He is unknowable and immaculate; He does not change.
|| 3 ||

On the third day of the lunar cycle, one who maintains his equilibrium amidst the three modes finds the source of ecstasy and the highest status. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, faith wells up. Outwardly, and deep within, God’s Light is always radiant. || 4 ||

On the fourth day of the lunar cycle, restrain your fickle mind, and do not ever associate with sexual desire or anger. On land and sea, He Himself is in Himself. He Himself meditates and chants His Chant. || 5 ||

On the fifth day of the lunar cycle, the five elements expand outward. Men are occupied in the pursuit of gold and women. How rare are those who drink in the pure essence of the Lord’s Love. They shall never again suffer the pains of old age and death. || 6 ||

On the sixth day of the lunar cycle, the six chakras run in six directions. Without enlightenment, the body does not remain steady. So erase your duality and hold tight to forgiveness, and you will not have to endure the torture of karma or religious rituals. || 7 ||

On the seventh day of the lunar cycle, know the Word as True, and you shall be accepted by the Lord, the Supreme Soul. Your doubts shall be eradicated, and your pains eliminated, and in the ocean of the celestial void, you shall find peace.
|| 8 ||

On the eighth day of the lunar cycle, the body is made of the eight ingredients. Within it is the Unknowable Lord, the King of the supreme treasure. The Guru, who knows this spiritual wisdom, reveals the secret of this mystery. Turning away from the world, He abides in the Unbreakable and Impenetrable Lord. || 9 ||

On the ninth day of the lunar cycle, discipline the nine gates of the body. Keep your pulsating desires restrained.

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Tuesday March 17th, 2015

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When I see Him, I sing His Praises. Then I, his humble servant, become patient. || 1 ||

Meeting the Divine True Guru, I merge into the sound current of the Naad. || 1 || Pause ||

Where the dazzling white light is seen, there the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds. One’s light merges in the Light; by Guru’s Grace, I know this. || 2 ||

The jewels are in the treasure chamber of the heart-lotus. They sparkle and glitter like lightning. The Lord is near at hand, not far away. He is totally permeating and pervading in my soul. || 3 ||

Where the light of the undying sun shines, the light of burning lamps seems insignificant. By Guru’s Grace, I know this. Servant Naam Dayv is absorbed in the Celestial Lord. || 4 || 1 ||

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