Thursday, May 28th, 2015

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When the Guru is totally satisfied and pleased, He colors us with the Lord’s Love; this color shall never fade away. || 1 ||

O my mind, enshrine love for the Name of the Lord. The Guru, satisfied and pleased, taught me about the Lord, and my Sovereign Lord King met with me at once. || 1 || Pause ||

The self-willed manmukh is like the ignorant bride, who comes and goes again and again in reincarnation. The Lord God does not come into her consciousness, and her mind is stuck in the love of duality. || 2 ||

I am full of filth, and I practice evil deeds; O Lord, save me, be with me, merge me into Your Being! The Guru has bathed me in the pool of Ambrosial Nectar, and the dirty residues of all my sins and mistakes have been washed away. || 3 ||

O Lord God, Merciful to the meek and the poor, please unite me with the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. Joining the Sangat, servant Nanak has obtained the Lord’s Love; my mind and body are drenched in it. || 4 || 3 ||

SOOHEE, FOURTH MEHL: One who chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, while constantly practicing deception, shall never become pure of heart. He may perform all sorts of rituals, night and day, but he shall not find peace, even in dreams.

|| 1 || O wise ones, without the Guru, there is no devotional worship.The untreated cloth does not take up the dye, no matter how much everyone may wish it. || 1 || Pause ||

The self-willed manmukh may perform chants, meditations, austere self-discipline, fasts and devotional worship, but his sickness does not go away. Deep within him is the sickness of excessive egotism; in the love of duality he is ruined. || 2 ||

Outwardly, he wears religious robes and he is very clever, but his mind wanders in the ten directions. Engrossed in ego, he does not remember the Word of the Shabad; over and over again, he is reincarnated. || 3 ||

O Nanak, that mortal who is blessed with the Lord’s Glance of Grace, understands Him; that humble servant meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. By Guru’s Grace, he understands the One Lord, and is absorbed into the One Lord. || 4 || 4 || 13 ||

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Wednesday May 27, 2015

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Chant His Praises, learn of the Lord, and serve the True Guru; in this way, meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. In the Court of the Lord, He shall be pleased with you, and you shall not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again; you shall merge in the Divine Light of the Lord, Har, Har, Har.

Chant the Name of the Lord, O my mind, and you shall be totally at peace. The Lord’s Praises are the most sublime, the most exalted; serving the Lord, Har, Har, Har, you shall be emancipated. || Pause || The Lord, the treasure of mercy, blessed me, and so the Guru blessed me with the Lord’s devotional worship; I have come to be in love with the Lord. I have forgotten my cares and anxieties, and enshrined the Lord’s Name in my heart; O Nanak, the Lord has become my friend and companion.

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Monday, May 25th, 2015.

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I bow to the Primal Guru. I bow to the Guru of the ages. I bow to the True Guru. I bow to the Great, Divine Guru. || 1 ||

ASHTAPADEE: Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace. Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body. Remember in praise the One who pervades the whole Universe. His Name is chanted by countless people, in so many ways. The Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees, the purest of utterances, were created from the One Word of the Name of the Lord. That one, in whose soul the One Lord dwells – the praises of his glory cannot be recounted. Those who yearn only for the blessing of Your Darshan – Nanak: save me along with them! || 1 ||

Sukhmani: Peace of Mind, the Nectar of the Name of God. The minds of the devotees abide in a joyful peace. || Pause ||

Remembering God, one does not have to enter into the womb again. Remembering God, the pain of death is dispelled. Remembering God, death is eliminated. Remembering God, one’s enemies are repelled. Remembering God, no obstacles are met. Remembering God, one remains awake and aware, night and day. Remembering God, one is not touched by fear. Remembering God, one does not suffer sorrow. The meditative remembrance of God is in the Company of the Holy. All treasures, O Nanak, are in the Love of the Lord. || 2 ||

In the remembrance of God are wealth, miraculous spiritual powers and the nine treasures. In the remembrance of God are knowledge, meditation and the essence of wisdom. In the remembrance of God are chanting, intense meditation and devotional worship. In the remembrance of God, duality is removed. In the remembrance of God are purifying baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage. In the remembrance of God, one attains honor in the Court of the Lord. In the remembrance of God, one becomes good. In the remembrance of God, one flowers in fruition.

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Wednesday May 20, 2015

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Deluded by doubt, misled and confused, the soul-bride later regrets and repents. Abandoning her Husband Lord, she sleeps, and does not appreciate His Worth. Leaving her Husband Lord, she sleeps, and is plundered by her faults and demerits. The night is so painful for this bride. Sexual desire, anger and egotism destroy her. She burns in egotism. When the soul-swan flies away, by the Command of the Lord, her dust mingles with dust. O Nanak, without the True Name, she is confused and deluded, and so she regrets and repents.

Please listen, O my Beloved Husband Lord, to my one prayer. You dwell in the home of the self deep within, while I roll around like a dust-ball. Without my Husband Lord, no one likes me at all; what can I say or do now? The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the sweetest nectar of nectars. Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, with my tongue, I drink in this nectar. Without the Name, no one has any friend or companion; millions come and go in reincarnation. Nanak: the profit is earned and the soul returns home. True, true are Your Teachings.

O Friend, You have travelled so far from Your homeland; I send my message of love to You. I cherish and remember that Friend; the eyes of this soul-bride are filled with tears. The eyes of the soul-bride are filled with tears; I dwell upon Your Glorious Virtues. How can I meet my Beloved Lord God? I do not know the treacherous path, the way to You. How can I find You and cross over, O my Husband Lord? Through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, the separated soul-bride meets with the Lord; I place my body and mind before You. O Nanak, the ambrosial tree bears the most delicious fruits; meeting with my Beloved, I taste the sweet essence.

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Tuesday May19th, 2015

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This wealth is inexhaustible. It shall never be exhausted, and it shall never be lost. The Perfect True Guru has revealed it to me. I am forever a sacrifice to my True Guru. By Guru’s Grace, I have enshrined the Lord within my mind. || 1 ||

They alone are wealthy, who lovingly attune themselves to the Lord’s Name. The Perfect Guru has revealed to me the Lord’s treasure; by the Lord’s Grace, it has come to abide in my mind. || Pause ||

He is rid of his demerits, and his heart is permeated with merit and virtue. By Guru’s Grace, he naturally dwells in celestial peace. True is the Word of the Perfect Guru’s Bani. They bring peace to the mind, and celestial peace is absorbed within. || 2 ||

O my humble Siblings of Destiny, behold this strange and wonderful thing: duality is overcome, and the Lord dwells within his mind. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is priceless; it cannot be taken. By Guru’s Grace, it comes to abide in the mind. || 3 ||

He is the One God, abiding within all. Through the Guru’s Teachings, He is revealed in the heart.¬†One who intuitively knows and realizes God, O Nanak, obtains the Naam; his mind is pleased and appeased. || 4 || 1 ||

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Monday. May 18th, 2015

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O Nanak, meditate in remembrance on that Dear Lord, who supports all by His Power. The Gurmukhs do not forget the Dear Lord, the Primal Creator Lord, from their minds. Pain, disease and fear do not cling to those who meditate on the Lord, Har, Har. By the Grace of the Saints, they cross over the terrifying world-ocean, and obtain their pre-ordained destiny. They are congratulated and applauded, and their minds are at peace; they meet the Infinite Lord God. Prays Nanak, meditating in remembrance on the Lord, Har, Har, my desires are fulfilled. || 4 || 3 ||

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Wednesday May13, 2015

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Day and night, serve at the Guru’s feet; the Lord is the Giver, and the Enjoyer. || Pause || He is within – see Him outside as well; there is no one, other than Him. As Gurmukh, look upon all with the single eye of equality; in each and every heart, the Divine Light is contained.

Restrain your fickle mind, and keep it steady within its own home; meeting the Guru, this understanding is obtained. Seeing the unseen Lord, you shall be amazed and delighted; forgetting your pain, you shall be at peace.

Drinking in the ambrosial nectar, you shall attain the highest bliss, and dwell within the home of your own self. So sing the Praises of the Lord, the Destroyer of the fear of birth and death, and you shall not be reincarnated again.

The essence, the immaculate Lord, the Light of all – I am He and He is me – there is no difference between us. The Infinite Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God – Nanak has met with Him, the Guru.

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