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The angelic beings and demi-gods are not permitted to remain here. The silent sages and humble servants also must arise and depart. || 1 ||

Only those who meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, are seen to live on. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, they obtain the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan. || 1 || Pause ||

Kings, emperors and merchants must die. Whoever is seen shall be consumed by death. || 2 ||

Mortal beings are entangled, clinging to false worldly attachments. And when they must leave them behind, then they regret and grieve. || 3 ||

O Lord, O treasure of mercy, please bless Nanak with this gift, that he may chant Your Name, day and night. || 4 || 8 || 14 ||

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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Wherever the Lord is worshipped in adoration, there the Lord becomes one’s friend and helper. By Guru’s Grace, the Lord comes to dwell in the mind; He cannot be obtained in any other way. || 1 ||

So gather in the wealth of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny, so that in this world and the next, the Lord shall be your friend and companion. || 1 || Pause ||

In the company of the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, you shall earn the wealth of the Lord; this wealth of the Lord is not obtained anywhere else, by any other means, at all. The dealer in the Lord’s Jewels purchases the wealth of the Lord’s jewels; the dealer in cheap glass jewels cannot acquire the Lord’s wealth by empty words. || 2 ||

The Lord’s wealth is like jewels, gems and rubies. At the appointed time in the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours of the morning, the Lord’s devotees lovingly center their attention on the Lord, and the wealth of the Lord. The devotees of the Lord plant the seed of the Lord’s wealth in the ambrosial hours of the Amrit Vaylaa; they eat it, and spend it, but it is never exhausted. In this world and the next, the devotees are blessed with glorious greatness, the wealth of the Lord. || 3 ||

The wealth of the Fearless Lord is permanent, forever and ever, and true. This wealth of the Lord cannot be destroyed by fire or water; neither thieves nor the Messenger of Death can take it away. Thieves cannot even approach the Lord’s wealth; Death, the tax collector cannot tax it. || 4 ||

The faithless cynics commit sins and gather in their poisonous wealth, but it shall not go along with them for even a single step. In this world, the faithless cynics become miserable, as it slips away through their hands. In the world hereafter, the faithless cynics find no shelter in the Court of the Lord. || 5 ||

The Lord Himself is the Banker of this wealth, O Saints; when the Lord gives it, the mortal loads it and takes it away. This wealth of the Lord is never exhausted; the Guru has given this understanding to servant Nanak. || 6 || 3 || 10 ||

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

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He places the one who strays back on the Path; such a Guru is found by great good fortune. || 1 ||

Meditate, contemplate the Name of the Lord, O mind. The Beloved Feet of the Guru abide within my heart. || 1 || Pause ||

The mind is engrossed in sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment. Breaking my bonds, the Guru has liberated me. || 2 ||

Experiencing pain and pleasure, one is born, only to die again. The Lotus Feet of the Guru bring peace and shelter. || 3 ||

The world is drowning in the ocean of fire. O Nanak, holding me by the arm, the True Guru has saved me. || 4 || 3 || 8 ||

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Wednesday, July 16th

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True is the treasure of the True Banker. He Himself is True, and true is all that He has established. True is the prevailing Order of the True Lord. || 4 ||

True is the justice of the True Lord. Your place is forever True, O God. True is Your Creative Power, and True is the Word of Your Bani. True is the peace which You give, O my Lord and Master. || 5 ||

You alone are the greatest king. By the Hukam of Your Command, O True Lord, our affairs are fulfilled. Inwardly and outwardly, You know everything; You Yourself are pleased with Yourself. || 6 ||

You are the great party-goer, You are the great enjoyer. You are detached in Nirvaanaa, You are the Yogi. All celestial comforts are in Your home; Your Glance of Grace rains Nectar. || 7 ||

You alone give Your gifts. You grant Your gifts unto all the beings of the world. Your treasures are overflowing, and are never exhausted; through them, we remain satisfied and fulfilled. || 8 ||

The Siddhas, seekers and forest-dwellers beg from You. The celibates and abstainers, and those who abide in peace beg from You. You alone are the Great Giver; all are beggars of You. You bless all the world with Your gifts. || 9 ||

Your devotees worship You with infinite love. In an instant, You establish and disestablish. Your weight is so heavy, O my infinite Lord and Master. Your devotees surrender to the Hukam of Your Command. || 10 ||

They alone know You, whom You bless with Your Glance of Grace. Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, they enjoy Your Love forever. They alone are clever, handsome and wise, who are pleasing to Your Mind. || 11 ||

One who keeps You in his consciousness, becomes carefree and independent. One who keeps You in his consciousness, is the true king. One who keeps You in his consciousness – what does he have to fear? And what else does he need to do? || 12 ||

Thirst and desire are quenched, and one’s inner being is cooled and soothed. The True Guru has mended the broken one. Awareness of the Word of the Shabad has awakened within my heart. Shaking it and vibrating it, I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. || 13 ||

I shall not die; I shall live forever and ever. I have become immortal; I am eternal and imperishable. I do not come, and I do not go. The Guru has driven out my doubts. || 14 ||

Perfect is the Word of the Perfect Guru. One who is attached to the Perfect Lord, is immersed in the Perfect Lord. His love increases day by day, and when it is weighed, it does not decrease. || 15 ||

When the gold is made one hundred percent pure, its color is true to the jeweller’s eye. Assaying it, it is placed in the treasury by God the Jeweller, and it is not melted down again. || 16 ||

Your Naam is Ambrosial Nectar, O my Lord and Master. Nanak, Your slave, is forever a sacrifice to You. In the Society of the Saints, I have found great peace; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan, this mind is pleased and satisfied. || 17 || 1 || 3 ||

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They may live in heavenly realms, and conquer the nine regions of the world, but if they forget the Lord of the world, O Nanak, they are just wanderers in the wilderness. || 1 ||

In the midst of millions of games and entertainments, the Lord’s Name does not come to their minds. O Nanak, their home is like a wilderness, in the depths of hell. || 2 ||


He sees the terrible, awful wilderness as a city. Gazing upon the false objects, he believes them to be real. Engrossed in sexual desire, anger and egotism, he wanders around insane. When the Messenger of Death hits him on the head with his club, then he regrets and repents. Without the Perfect, Divine Guru, he roams around like Satan. || 9 ||

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

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My Lord and Master is infinitely compassionate; O Sovereign Lord, be merciful, and merge me into Yourself. My mind and body long to behold the Guru’s face. O Sovereign Lord, I have spread out my bed of loving faith. O servant Nanak, when the bride pleases her Lord God, her Sovereign Lord meets her with natural ease. || 3 ||
My Lord God, my Sovereign Lord, is on the one bed. The Guru has shown me how to meet my Lord. My mind and body are filled with love and affection for my Sovereign Lord. In His Mercy, the Guru has united me with Him. I am a sacrifice to my Guru, O my Sovereign Lord; I surrender my soul to the True Guru. When the Guru is totally pleased, O servant Nanak, he unites the soul with the Lord, the Sovereign Lord. || 4 || 2 || 6 || 18 ||

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Wednesday, July 09

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Please be kind and compassionate, O Lord of my life; I am helpless, and I seek Your Sanctuary, God. Please, give me Your Hand, and lift me up, out of the deep dark pit. I have no clever tricks at all. || 1 ||


You are the Doer, the Cause of causes – You are everything. You are All-powerful; there is no other than You. You alone know Your condition and extent. They alone become Your servants, upon whose foreheads such good destiny is recorded. || 1 ||

You are imbued with Your servant, God; Your devotees are woven into Your Fabric, through and through. O Darling Beloved, they yearn for Your Name and the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, like the chakvee bird which longs to see the moon. || 2 ||

Between the Lord and His Saint, there is no difference at all. Among hundreds of thousands and millions, there is scarcely one humble being. Those whose hearts are illuminated by God, sing the Kirtan of His Praises night and day with their tongues. || 3 ||

You are All-powerful and Infinite, the most lofty and exalted, the Giver of peace; O God, You are the Support of the breath of life.


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